Mission and Goal

Sinology (Chinese Studies) is the basis of the traditional spirit of the Chinese nation. It is also the ground on which contemporary Chinese individuals cultivate their personal moral duties and good relations within society. It is the most important cultural concept of the Chinese civilization. The Sinological Development Charitable Foundation was established by
 Dr. Elizabeth Woo Li  (Philosophy) to encourage the spread of “Chinese Studies” as an important part of a rising global civilization that should include the fundamental value of the Chinese spirit – learn about Organization Structure…

Our main aim is to enhance the Greater China Region’s function as a Sinological exchange platform and transform it into a cultural forum for Sinologists around the world.

  • To strengthen soft cultural strength requires a non-governmental platform, and Hong Kong is an appropriate choice for this platform in Greater China;
  • To establish Greater China as a cultural forum for global promotion of Sinology, to encourage more Sinologists to become more active in Greater China, and, most importantly, to introduce Sinologist research achievements to the Greater China community, while at the same time utilize this platform in Greater China to promote publications in languages other than Chinese and of more Chinese academic works on humanities;
  • To organize symposia for mainland Chinese scholars, students, and translators to promote understanding and interaction of Sinology both locally and internationally;
  • To help humanities scholars around the world to further understand Chinese religions, philosophy and history by offering relevant programs that will encourage them to integrate Chinese culture into their own teaching and research, thus stimulating scholars around the world to apply different methodologies and theories to research and expound Chinese culture.