Introduction and Mission

In the 21st century, the enhanced understanding of China and its culture has become an increasingly significant pursuit for academics and key opinion leaders. SDCF aims to further worldwide awareness and knowledge of Chinese culture and civilization and to enhance the role of Greater China as a major platform for the global promotion of Sinology.

The Program is mainly intended as a stepping stone for scholars in other disciplines to start conducting research in Chinese Studies or, more broadly, integrate aspects of Chinese culture within their teaching and research. Those already within the field will also benefit greatly from the program, as it can provide them with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of specific aspects of their broad field of study (e.g. Chinese thought and philosophy, Sino-foreign contacts in pre-modern times etc.)

All instruction is conducted in English and a minimum standard is required for participation.

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按此瀏覽2018年度研習計劃小冊子 (只有英語 PDF 版本)


大中華地區 (包括香港澳門北京台灣,即兩岸四地)