Introduction and Purpose

This program aligns with the 24th World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing in 2018. We hope that participants in our programs will be able to include aspects of Chinese Studies in their courses at their home institutions and to contribute scholastic papers on this very topic.

Our main aim is to prepare both Chinese and foreign scholars to be familiar with Chinese studies and to succeed in this in an English program. As an added benefit, they can participate in the 24th World Congress of Philosophy to be held in Beijing in 2018. Professional development in this program is specifically designed to help overseas (non-Chinese national) students, lecturers, and professors proficient in English apply the program content into their curriculum and to present papers to their own academic communities reflecting the content learned from the program.

The aim of this program is to prepare for the 24th World Congress of Philosophy to be held at Peking University in the summer of 2018. A specific round table will be formed at this event to present distinguished papers and special awards will be awarded to outstanding papers which will be published in a special issue of the related journal. To enhance the quality and quantity of the participants and to increase the proportion of Sinology or Chinese Studies at the 24th World Congress of Philosophy, we would like to increase the interest of non-Chinese nationals. For the purpose of this project, the term “National Learning”, used in China domestically, and the term “Sinology”, widely used internationally, will be merged into one common discipline named “Chinese Studies”.

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The Greater China Region, including Hong Kong, MacauBeijing and Taiwan.