Introduction and Mission

Applications for sponsored participation in our 4th Greater China Summer Workshop Program in Chinese Studies (July-August 2019) are now open!

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In the 21st century the enhanced understanding of China and its culture has become an increasingly significant pursuit for academics and key opinion leaders. Through its Greater China Summer Workshop Program in Chinese Studies, SDCF aims to further worldwide awareness and knowledge of Chinese culture and civilization and to enhance the role of Greater China as a major platform for the global promotion of Sinology.

The Fourth Greater China Summer Workshop Program in Chinese Studies will take place in the following locations: Hong Kong, Macau (one-day study visit), Beijing, and Dunhuang. We decided to add Dunhuang as a new location after the success of “Dunhuang: Meeting Point of Cultural Exchange Along the Silk Road”, the CATL (China Academy of Translation) and SDCF joint invited session at the XXIV World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing (15 August 2018).

The Program is mainly intended as a stepping stone for scholars in other disciplines to start conducting research in Chinese Studies or, more broadly, integrate aspects of Chinese culture within their teaching and research. Those already within the field will also benefit greatly from the program, as it can provide them with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of specific aspects of their broad field of study (e.g. Chinese thought and philosophy, Sino-foreign contacts in pre-modern times, Dunhuang heritage, etc.)

SDCF will support a limited number of sponsored participants in the program. Tuition, room, half board, and travel within Greater China (Hong Kong-Beijing-Dunhuang) are covered by SDCF for all sponsored participants. Travel to Hong Kong at the beginning of the Program and from Dunhuang at the end of the Program needs to be arranged by the participants and is at their own expense. Sponsored participants are expected to integrate learning results into their teaching curriculum and research and are required to sign an agreement as a prerequisite for admission. Full participation in all lectures, seminars, and activities and the completion of a small-scale research project on a topic related to the Program contents are expected.

All instruction is conducted in English and a minimum standard is required for participation.

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