2022 Summer Program Applications

Given the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had im- posed health and travel constraints on everyone, the SDCF team conducted our 5th and 6th Summer Programs in an online “virtual” format. This year, we will attempt a hybrid online and offline version with physical participation subject to the quar- antine requirements imposed by the relevant government(s) at the commencement of our 7th Summer Program.

Conditional offers to attend in person in Hong Kong will be granted to applicants with outstanding scholastic and KOL sta- tus. As in past years, we have lined up a number of world-re- nowned lecturers, each with their specialised focus on different aspects of Chinese philosophy and culture. Our lecturers will be supported by our program academic and management team, who will assist in making the lectures and other program con- tent to be as exciting and enriching as possible.

Judging from the indications of interest that we have received so far, we look forward to working with participants from all corners of the world – the Americas, West and East Europe, Africa as well as from Asia.”

There are multiples ways you can participate in the program


Scholar members are expected to attend all lectures and interactive group workshops. Active Participants are also expected to engage with the lectures, textbooks, pre-readings and an intensive scholarly group project. The application form can be found on our website at www.sinological.org or tinyurl.com/scholarmembershipform

Submission deadline is Tuesday, 5th July, 2022.


With a Viewer Membership, you will be able to access the program reading materials with which you are strongly recommended to engage in, but not required to familiarise. Viewers can attend lectures and participate by submitting questions during the Q&A session at lectures (with the chat function). Viewers will not be able to attend the Group Workshop sessions. The Viewer Membership form can be found on our website or at www.tinyurl.com/viewermembershipform

Submission deadline is Friday 8th July 2022


Viewers do not have to sign up and can access each lecture via the link to the call which will be posted on SDCF’s social media pages prior to each lecture. Viewers will not be able to engage in the group workshops and access the program reading materials but are able to participate in calls by submitting questions during the Q&A session at lectures (with the chat function).