2024 Summer Program Applications

SDCF is excited to announce that we will be running The 9th Greater China Region Summer Program in Chinese Studies for 2024! We are conducting the program both in person and with an online viewing option, with participation from both scholars and key opinion leaders. On-site visit locations will have final confirmation in the following months.

We hope to accommodate up to 20 of the best scholars and KOLs to join us this summer. Admissions for qualified candidates will be on a rolling first come first service basis, with a waiting list and viewer online participation available for those not admitted this year.

Sinological Development Charitable Foundation Limited (SDCF) was found in 2013 by Dr. Elizabeth Woo Li (Philosophy) to promote global understanding of Chinese Studies as an increasingly important part of a global civilization that should include the fundamental value of the Chinese spirit.

Through its activities, SDCF aims to further worldwide awareness and knowledge of Chinese culture and civilization and to enhance the role of Greater Bay Area as a major platform for the global promotion of Sinology.

Since summer 2016, SDCF has been holding the  Summer Workshop Program in Chinese Studies with the main aim of introducing Chinese Studies to scholars and key opinion leaders around the world who are in various disciplines.

There are multiples ways you can participate in the program


Scholar members are expected to attend all lectures and group workshops.This participants should engage actively with the topics of lectures, discuss openly the subjects, do previous readings an all topics and intensively work in a written group project.

Those who are granted Scholar membership will need to be in Hong Kong at the first day of the program. Scholarship is available to fund main meals, shared dormitory at the CUHK and trip to Mainland China; in exchange, funded scholars may be required to assist our staff in preparation for lecture room or other tasks.

Submission deadline is Sunday 26th of May, 2024


With a Viewer Membership, you will be able to access the program reading materials with which you are strongly recommended to engage in, but not required to familiarise.

Viewers have the option to attend all lectures either online or in person at CUHK (Time and place to be revealed after application). Viewers can attend lectures and participate by submitting questions during the Q&A session at lectures (with the chat function). Viewers will not be able to attend the Group Workshop sessions. Please complete the google form below to register to be a viewer member.

Submission deadline, Sunday 23th of June, 2024


Viewers do not have to sign up and can access each lecture via the link to the call which will be posted on SDCF’s social media pages prior to each lecture. Viewers will not be able to engage in the group workshops and access the program reading materials but are able to participate in calls by submitting questions during the Q&A session at lectures (with the chat function).


漢學發展慈善基金會 (SDCF) 將於2024年舉辦第9屆大中華區中國研究夏季研習計劃!我們誠意邀請學者和關鍵意見領袖 key opinion leader (KOL) 參與其中。現場考察地點將在接下來的幾個月內最終確認。

我們希望今年夏天能容納多達 20 位最優秀的學者和 KOL 加入我們。合格候選人的錄取將採取先到先得的滾動服務方式,今年未錄取的學生將有等候名單和觀眾在線參與。

SDCF 由李吳伊莉博士於2013年創立,旨在促進全球對漢學的理解,將其作為全球文明日益重要的一部分,並應包含中華精神的基本價值。

SDCF 旨在透過其活動,進一步提高世界範圍內對中華文化和文明的認識和了解,並增強大灣區作為全球推廣漢學的主要平台的作用。 自2016年夏季起,SDCF 開始舉辦“中國研究暑期研討會”,主要目的是向世界各地不同學科的學者和意見領袖介紹中國研究。

  1. 學者會員資格 (現場參與者)




  1. 觀眾會員資格 (線上參與者)

通過觀眾會員資格,您將能夠參與研習計劃, 我們強烈建議您參與前,先閱讀材料。



  1. 觀眾 (收看者)