A testimonial from Donasius Pathera (2018 Program participant)

“Memories of Greater China”

I would like to express my gratitude for the time SDCF offered me to be part of a philosophical entourage into Greater China. This philosophical excursion gave me an opportunity to understand three major Chinese philosophies.

The pride of this experience remains indelible considering that I was among the first Africans to partake in the SDCF Summer Program. The lectures were fantastic starting from Hong Kong into the beckoning waters of Macau; surging through Taiwan then in Mainland China – it was an intellectual pilgrimage I shall live to remember.

Of great importance is how Chinese philosophy is helping me as I am studying my PhD in Economics – in the course of our learnings, we are dipped into Chinese philosophy, there is no novelty in it. I hope and believe you shall recruit more African youth to attend the SDCF seminars coming forth.












A testimonial from Dr. Rémy Jarry (2018 Program participant)

It’s already been more than 4 months since I left the SDCF Program, but it is still very much stimulating my “heart-mind”! I have followed Dr. Elizabeth Li’s advice to let it sediment and it is increasingly empowering my way of thinking.

In this regard, my recent travel through Myanmar has unexpectedly revived my experience at Tian Nan Temple, the Chan Buddhist temple where Dr. Li took us in Taiwan. I regularly listened to the dabeizhou (大悲咒) [Great Compassion Mantra] that I have heard for the very first time during the workshop.

I would like to end this message with a thought that I have developed over the last summer: I have worked long enough in Greater China to realize that Dr. Li’s philanthropic activities through SDCF remain rare, and I really want to stress my gratefulness for her commitment and contribution.

漢學發展慈善基金會萬歲!Long live SDCF!