2024 Summer Program

SDCF is excited to announce that we will be running The 9th Greater China Region Summer Program in Chinese Studies for 2024! We are conducting the program both in person and with an online viewing option, with participation from both scholars and key opinion leaders. On-site visit locations will have final confirmation in the following months.

We hope to accommodate up to 20 of the best scholars and KOLs to join us this summer. Admissions for qualified candidates will be on a rolling first come first service basis, with a waiting list and viewer online participation available for those not admitted this year. Click here for more information on dates and application deadlines!

Sinological Development Charitable Foundation Limited (SDCF) was found in 2013 by Dr. Elizabeth Woo Li (Philosophy) to promote global understanding of Chinese Studies `as an increasingly important part of a global civilization that should include the fundamental value of the Chinese spirit.

Through its activities, SDCF aims to further worldwide awareness and knowledge of Chinese culture and civilization and to enhance the role of Greater Bay Area as a major platform for the global promotion of Sinology.

Since summer 2016, SDCF has been holding the Summer Workshop Program in Chinese Studies with the main aim of introducing Chinese Studies to scholars and key opinion leaders around the world who are in various disciplines.