Updates from 2016 Summer Program Participants

Information available in English only.

1. Congratulations to Jingcai Ying whose paper has been presented in the 20th Harvard East Asia Society Graduate ConferenceJingcai is currently a doctoral researcher in the Department of Politics, University of Virginia.

Entitled ‘Deliberation of Self-Cultivation: Zhu Xi and Confucian Democracy’, Jingcai argues for ‘Confucian Democracy’ – a form of democracy can be justified by Confucian resource to articulate Confucian ideals, thus it becomes a political instrument for ethical education.

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2. Congratulations to Mr. Nikolai RudenkoNikolai is currently a doctoral researcher in the China Department, Institute of Oriental Studies,Russian Academy of Science.

In his article ‘Evaluating the Four Books: The Ownership Problem’, Nikolai devotes his scholarly interest into the problem of authorship of Evaluating the Four Books (Sishu ping 四書評), presenting a review of academic discussion that took place in Chinese historiography in the 20th century and providing some new ideas as the continuation of this discussion in order to solve the problem.

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3. News from Dr. Dryaeva Ella – currently Assistant Professor and the Head of Media Office at the Faculty of Philosophy in Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Ella has been very interested in the history of identity and cross-cultural interactions, dialogue between East and West philosophical traditions, such as the problem of consciousness, Buddhism, and multiculturalism.

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4. Comments from Dr. Rodrigues Urbano – currently a lecturer in Asian Philosophy in the University of Bridgeport, CT, USA.

”I have been teaching Asian Philosophy course in the USA for last five semesters. The syllabus covers mainly Indian and Chinese philosophical thought. As I had no opportunity to study Chinese philosophical traditions in my academic training, much of what I have used in this course has been gathered solely from scholarly literature, which was though useful, still left me less prepared as a teacher” (Urbano 07/2016)

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5. Introducing Dr. Schmaltz Marcia – currently a post-doctoral fellow and lecturer at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil, also a research fellow in the Laboratory for Experimentation in Translation (LETRA) and the Centre for Asia Oriental Studies.

Dr. Schmaltz participated in the 2016 Programme in search for a scholarly understanding of the writer’s ideology, especially Lin Yutang 林語堂, Xiao Jun 蕭軍, Ding Ling 丁玲, Sheng Cheng 盛成, and Lu Xun 魯迅 in Chinese literature scene, trying to illustrate the writers in the presence of common and different point of view. Marcia is currently working on a paper publication, “The Role of Lin Yutang in Spreading Chinese Culture in Brazil”.