Mission and Goal

Sinological Development Charitable Foundation Limited (SDCF) was established in 2013 by  Dr. Elizabeth Woo Li (Philosophy) to encourage the spread of Chinese Studies as an important part of a rising global civilization that should include the fundamental value of the Chinese spirit.

Through its activities, SDCF aims to further worldwide awareness and knowledge of Chinese culture and civilization and to enhance the role of Greater China as a major platform for the global promotion of Sinology.

Since summer 2016, SDCF has been holding the Greater China Summer Workshop Program in Chinese Studies with the main aim of introducing Chinese Studies to scholars and key opinion leaders around the world who are in other disciplines.

Our main goals are:

  • to establish Greater China as a cultural forum for the global promotion of Sinology;
  • to encourage more Sinologists to become more active in Greater China;
  • to introduce sinological research achievements by international scholars to the Greater China community;
  • to organize symposia for mainland Chinese scholars, students, and translators to promote understanding of the field of Sinology both locally and internationally;
  • to promote the translation of more Chinese academic works on humanities into English and other languages;
  • to help scholars around the world to further understand Chinese religion, philosophy and history by offering relevant workshops that will encourage them to integrate Chinese culture into their own teaching and research.