Beijing International Youth Forum Post-Event News

Sinological Development Charitable Foundation (SDCF) is honoured to have supported the “Thematic Forum II: Olympic Spirit & A New Generation of Youth” of the first Beijing International Youth Forum held on 17th December 2021, hosted by Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies and Information Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. The theme of this event was “Understanding the World to Build a Better Future”.

The event aims to build a platform for young people from all over the world to communicate and learn about Beijing through thematic forums, dialogues and visits, so as to perceive China, strengthen mutual trust, experience the characteristics of Beijing, exchange ideas and share opportunities in Beijing. Nearly 200 young scholars, athletes and artists from China and abroad participated in the conference online and offline, exchanging ideas and discussing the theme.

In the Thematic Forum II, young experts, scholars, athletes and entrepreneurs from different countries had practical and fruitful exchanges on this topic: Olympic Spirit & A New Generation of Youth. With a mission of promoting Chinese classics to young people and adhering to the theme, Founder & Chairperson of SDCF, Dr Elizabeth Woo Li delivered a speech on how Olympic Spirit adheres to the five virtues of Confucian teachings. What’s more, SDCF’s scholars and members from different parts of the world also presented their views individually through a video on each of these five virtues : Ren (仁) – compassion; Yi (义) – righteousness in behaviour; Li (礼) – ritual; Zhi (智) – wisdom and Xin (信) – trustworthiness and how they can be applied by athletes participating in Olympic games. They also took this opportunity to offer best wishes of a successful XXIV Olympic Winter Games to be held in February, 2022 in Beijing.

With generous donation from Bilco Investments Ltd, SDCF was able to render support to this event for the first time since its establishment in 2013. We will continue to keep our eyes open on any future opportunities to further promote global understanding of Chinese Studies, especially among the young people of today, as they are confronted with constant change, heightened uncertainty and multiple conflicts.

Here is the link to the video of some highlights of the Thematic Forum II:

Here are some photos of SDCF’s presentation at the forum:

Dr. Elizabeth Li, Founder & Chairperson of Sinological Development Charitable Foundation spoke about Confucian teachings’ five virtues and their relationship to the Olympic spirit.

With support from Billy & Simmy Hung of Bilco Investments Ltd, Sinological Development Charitable Foundation was able to sponsor Thematic Forum II with distinguished speakers who shared their views on and experience with The Olympic spirit and its relationship with new generations.

Ms. Keerthika Singaravel from India, who was 2021 viewer member of SDCF, spoke about “Ren” (仁) – compassion in the forum.

Ms. Martyna Świątczak-Borowy from Poland, who was 2018 scholar member of SDCF, spoke about “Ren” (仁) – compassion in the forum.

Dr. Stephen Leach from USA, who was a 2019 & 2020 scholar member of SDCF, spoke about “Yi” (义) – righteousness in behaviour in forum.

Mr. Johnson Liow from Singapore, who was a 2021 viewer member of SDCF, spoke about “Li” (礼) – ritual in forum.

Ms. Elisa Lau from USA, who was a 2021 viewer member of SDCF, spoke about “Zhi” (智) – wisdom in forum.

Ms. Lim Hui-Wen from Malaysia, a recent University graduate with a strong interest in Chinese classics also spoke about “Zhi” (智) – wisdom in the forum.

Ms Veronika Utina from Russia, who was a 2020 and 2021 viewer member of SDCF, spoke about “Xin” (信) – trustworthiness in forum.

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