Organization Structure

The Sinological Development Charitable Foundation was established as a privately funded non-profit organization by Dr. Elizabeth Woo Li to encourage the spread of “Chinese Studies” as an important part of an emerging global civilization that should include the fundamental value of the Chinese spirit. To achieve this purpose the Foundation aims to support scholars, students and academics in their exploration in Sinological studies.

The structure of Sinological Development Charitable Foundation is divided into the administrative and academic areas.

Chairperson  Dr. Elizabeth WOO LI


  • Dr. Lewis CHAN
  • Mr. Aubrey K. S. LI
  • Mr. N. Y. LI

Advisory Council

  • Mr. Calvin K. P. SEE
  • Mr. Jerry  C. C. CHIOU
  • Dr. LIU Xiaofeng
  • Prof. JI Jianzhong
  • Mr. Benson TAM

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Academic Board Members 

Chairperson   Professor CHEN Lai


  • Professor WANG Bo
  • Professor Richard M.W. HO
  • Professor LI Cunshan
  • Professor LI Zhonghua
  • Professor Sir Geoffrey LLOYD
  • Professor Ed. L. SHAUGHNESSY

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Consultative Committee

Chairperson Professor HUANG Yong


  • Professor Bernhard FUEHRER
  • Professor Guoxiang PENG
  • Professor Michel HOCKX

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