Orientation A Certificate Program in English for University Professors and Students.
Application prerequisites
  1. University Professors
  2. Students
  1. University course outlines for semester after return. Publication of best and    awarded papers in WCP and special issues of journals
  2. Submissions of papers for competition on subjects learned. Application for papers in Chinese Studies at the 24th Congress.
  3. A special round table at the 24th World Congress of Philosophy with no more than 20 papers selected from the participants of the institute.
  4. A special award session for best papers submitted by the institute for publication in collaboration with a journal for special issue
  5. Curriculum of  content integrated into their university courses from participating candidates.

The program will be taught by scholars well established in each of the above mentioned disciplines. The 2015 summer program will take place at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Peking University of Beijing. Programs in 2016-2018 will add the location of the National University of Taiwan. A participative process of group discussions, lectures and presentations will be used. Candidates are expected to integrate learning of each day into research to be presented each evening. Research papers are expected at the end of each session of learning. There will be lecture sessions in the morning; in the afternoons students are expected to do the reading, research and writing for the evening presentations. Participants are expected to integrate their learning and research results into their back-home teaching curriculum. A final project from each participant is expected at the end of the four weeks. Presentations of final project will be held with prizes awarded to outstanding individuals and groups.